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Other Websites

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Other Websites that are too much FUN!


 Preparing for Parent Teacher Conferences 


A MUST SEE! 5th Grade Teacher @ Blue Earth Elementatry School: such an amazing website with fabulous resources on math, HM reading, keyboarding and MORE! 


Social Studies:

5th Grade: What REALLY happened at the First Thanksgiving?



Frog Guts: Virtually discect a frog, squid and owl pellet




Create and share interactive floorplans for yourself or with your class

Online Math Facts Practice 


Cool Tools

http://metaatem.net/words/ - create cool-looking signs using letters from Flickr.com

Zamzar.com-Convert video to multiple formats and convert videos from Youtube to file formats.


Research/Note Taking






Cluster Maps: Put a map on your wiki or blog to see where your visitors are from.  The Map will show you where your web page visitors come from!




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